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‘Okay, so what’s our game plan?’

Mara leaned her hip against the door of the elevator, keeping it open as Sander paced the interior. She had just, rather forcibly, dropped Tsugi off in Kanaria’s room to look after her before coming to join this party, along with her other sister. Dulcimer, for whatever reason, had been unavailable.

‘Do we really need one?’ Ren yawned, and for the first time Sander realized that it was rather late, and he hadn’t slept in quite a while now, what with one thing or another. ‘It’s two women, right? Human women.’ She said it as though it was a slur.

‘We don’t want them getting out. Luckily, the only way they can from down there is up the elevator shaft we’re sitting on top of, so we can pretty much take our time now,’ Sander said. ‘Not that I, y’know, think we should take any longer than we absolutely must, since I don’t exactly want those two talking, whoever they are.’

‘What do we know?’ Ren yawned again. It was starting to get a tad irritating.

‘One’s Gwen Cooper, former Cardiff police officer and currently former Torchwood operative. Can’t say exactly when in her timeline we’ve taken her from, but no matter what she’s got training with small arms, probably some hand to hand. Nothing we can’t handle,’ Sander shrugged.

‘You say that like you’ll be the one handling it,’ Ren deadpanned. ‘If so, why d’you need me?’

‘Because you’re, like, Iron Man or something, apparently,’ Sander frowned in the knowledge that he had yet to really ask her about that. ‘The other one’s an unknown, and I don’t like unknowns. Especially not when they might have a penchant for breaking my nice, shiny stuff. So, I figure why not bring out the big guns?’

‘Because the big guns are sleepy?’ She answered. ‘Also, maybe they don’t want you depending on them for every little damn thing that crosses your mind in future?’

‘Ren, quit your bitching,’ Mara said, waving her hands vaguely. ‘I know that look. You want to punch something. So stop acting like you don’t care.’

‘Well, look,’ Sander began. ‘We’re essentially going in blind, because we haven’t gotten around to repairing the cameras that were damaged by Marduk’s attack. But so are they. There’s only one way in or out, and we’ve got a lot of things going for us, even if they do end up getting violent.’

Demonstratively, he tossed a single silver Command Collar up into the air, catching it deftly. There was another in his other hand, but he grouped the two together before pocketing them, ‘The more time we sit up here talking, the more time they’ve got to think.’

‘And thinking is bad,’ Ren droned conscientiously.

‘… I’m pressing the button,’ Mara sighed, before living up to her word. The elevator descended rapidly, picking up truly obscene levels of speed as it shot down into the core of the moon. Not for the first time, she thanked god for gravitational stabilizers.

And it had always surprised her just how quickly it reached the core; she had seen Trismestigius from space. It hadn’t looked that small.

Sander stepped forward as the elevator settled at the base of the shaft and the doors began sliding opened. He was out onto the walkway first, though Ren followed swiftly behind with a hungry look in her eyes, and Mara found herself shouldering past her older sister to take up position behind and to the right of her boyfriend.

They caught sight of the three of them almost immediately. What else was there to see?

‘Hey, excuse me?’ A very distinctly not Welsh accent filled the distressing lack of silence that the Eternity Engine sat in. One always got the feeling that all those constantly moving parts would make the kind of noise that pressed against the walls and sent the senses skittering away uselessly. But the future was a quiet place, ‘Do you know where we are? Or… how we got here?’

Sander looked from one girl to the other and back again, before he started frowning. Beside him, Mara- the only other person who could recognize the Doctor’s collaborators on sight- made a little curious noise in the back of her throat. Ren grinned, apparently more concerned with the physical aspects of the women before them, but Sander’s heart was sinking.

‘Jerry!’ He called out angrily, holding out his arms to stop Ren’s advance.

‘How may I assist?’

‘You can start by telling me how, instead of Gwen Cooper and some mystery chick, we’ve just got two mystery chicks,’ Sander said, eye twitching. ‘Why am I looking at Sally Sparrow and Lorna Bucket, here? What’s the deal, Jericho?’

‘It seems that, in addition to the Eternity Engine and my own diagnostic subroutines being damaged in Marduk’s attack, the cameras in this room were also rendered non-functional,’ The A.I said. ‘My apologies, Sander. I made an educated guess based on available data.’

‘Those are not people names!’ Ren guffawed, shaking her head. ‘Man, people of the past were dumb…

‘Do you not remember who I am, Ren?’ Mara tilted her head. ‘I know what your full name is, remember? Do you really want to be making fun of other people’s names, S-‘

‘Shut your face!’ Ren punched her sister on the arm, perhaps a little harder than she had meant to. Still, it achieved its goal of shutting her up, ‘What are you, my mother?

‘Girls, please,’ Sander said quietly, keeping his eyes locked on the newcomers. ‘Not exactly making an effective impression on our guests, here.’

‘Oh, right,’ Mara grinned. ‘New girls. Fun.

‘Please, could you help us?’ Sally quavered, her confusion writ so plainly over her features. ‘You seem quite comfortable here, you must know where we are, yes?’

‘Lorna Bucket…’ Sander picked out the greater threat and pointedly ignored Sally, laughing a little as his eyes grazed the camo-print clad body before him. He turned fractionally to address the girls behind him, ‘That’s interesting. The targeting system’s clearly been destabilized, but the Engine itself is still locked to the Doctor. We’re still getting timelines attached to his.’

‘Fuck the science stuff…’ Ren grinned, surveying Lorna with a distressingly transparent look in her eyes. ‘Dibs on the Private, there…’

‘Don’t bother,’ Lorna scowled, laying her hand gently on Sally’s shoulder as she passed her by, eyes never leaving Sander’s. ‘The shape of things is pretty obvious. Transmat beam, all this tech surrounding us… You people, identify yourselves.’

She held herself loosely, but with confidence, and for the first time Sander remembered that Lorna had been a soldier of the Church, and that one didn’t get there by being a pushover. He recognized the stance from so many trainers and teachers in his past; she was ready to fight. Unlike Sally, she’d been able to put together enough of the picture to make an educated guess as to what was going on. Good for her.

Beside him, Ren’s hands curled into fists, knuckles cracking from the pressure. So, she saw the fight in her eyes too…

‘Stay where you are,’ Sander said calmly, trying to look the picture of authority. Lorna kept moving, and he could feel Ren’s gaze prickle on the back of his neck. Things were escalating quickly; he didn’t like the feeling of losing control, especially with his captives. It made him uneasy.

‘Fuck the nice talk, Sander…’ Ren growled. ‘Let’s just collar them so’s I can have a little fun. Because I think the kind of fun the Private’s looking for, will end up pretty badly for her, in the end. And I don’t think you want that, boss. I really don’t.’

Ren was itching for a fight, she had been ever since Walker, and Sander had honestly been a little afraid of what her trigger would end up being, what would make her snap and start punching. He desperately didn’t want it to be this… But at the same time, he knew he couldn’t stop her if it was.

‘Ren… Calm down…’ He kept his voice as level as possible, putting out his hands to try and keep Lorna at a distance. But he could see the fear lurking behind her controlled assertiveness, and fear was liable to make a girl lash out; case in point, she gripped him firmly by the wrist and flipped him, easily, over her shoulder and down onto the walkway below with a resounding metallic crash.

It was Ren’s incessant need to talk that had tipped their hand and given the game away, and not coincidentally, it was also Ren who- entirely unhelpfully- couldn’t stop laughing at Sander as Lorna continued, a gasp from Sally audible in the background. She slipped past him with ease and put Mara down with an easy, low sweep of her foot, sending the blonde sprawling onto her ass. Ren she avoided, shouldering past her and making a break for the elevator; it was pretty clear she had seen the Half as a threat, and decided just to move on.

‘Okay, officially? Ow,’ Sander snapped, leaping to his feet as the doors of the elevator sealed closed behind Lorna. ‘Oh, goddamn it… Ren, go get her!’

Ren laughed, rough and unrestrained, ‘Sure thing, boss! My fuckin’ pleasure.’

‘No permanent damage!’ Sander called after her as she turned and started running down the walkway. He tossed a Command Collar to her, ‘Just bring her under control. Bruises, scrapes… whatever. But don’t break anything!’

‘Sander,’ Ren chided, shaking her head. ‘Did you see the rack on that one? Now, why would I want to hurt that? In a way that’s not recreational, I mean,’ She winked, before firing herself down the walkway.

‘I’m getting the feeling you people aren’t entirely friendly,’ Sally said, backing way. ‘But I don’t know what you’d want from me, so maybe you could just show me to an exit and I could be on my way? Might be a bit hopeful, but I swear I won’t tell anybody about your teleporter, or whatever that is… I doubt anyone would believe me even if I did,’ She laughed nervously, the sound fading away as Sander and Mara continued to stare her down, and her feet reached the central control dais of the Engine.

‘Shut it, Earth girl,’ Sander pointed. ‘And get away from my machine!’ He strode with purpose down the central walkway, practically pushing Sally’s cowering form into Mara’s arms as he passed her, stepping up to the controls of the massive machine. He started tinkering immediately, streams of data running across the holographic screens, ‘Oh, my poor Engine… What did the mean A.I do to you?’

‘Hey there…’ Mara purred in Sally’s ear, her grip plenty strong enough to keep the bewildered Earth woman from struggling. ‘Sander, can you tell what’s wrong? Should we just shut the machine down until we can fix it?’

‘Can’t exactly shut down a temporal engine that easily, Mara,’ Sander’s eyes remained fixed on his screen. ‘The best I can do is put it into standby for the time being, stop it from running the capture program until I’ve even figured out the glitch. Want to get our guest under control before she breaks anything?’

‘Ha, yeah… Let me do that…’ She grinned, slipping the Command Collar around Sally’s neck with the kind of ease that became a little unsettling in retrospect. The younger woman gave a little squeal of shock, her hands- now freed from Mara’s grip- racing up to her neck to try and pull off, or at least identify, what had been put there. As the pads of her fingers traced the cool, thin band of metal, her eyes went to Mara, filled with a kind of questioning horror.


‘No, stop,’ Sander cut her off before Sally could get too far. ‘I really don’t want to have that conversation going on while I’m working. Sorry Mara, but this is gonna take me some time. You feel like you can handle the young Miss Sparrow for a little while before I join you?’

Yes,’ Mara hissed, her voice suddenly very intense. ‘Come along, Sparrow, I’m kind of interested in how you sing…’

Sander could hear Sally attempting to talk, and Mara very enthusiastically talking over her, notably beginning her sentence with the proper command word, but in truth his attention was elsewhere. All he cared about, in the moment, was repairing the Eternity Engine; mostly because a moon sized temporal engine attached to a dimensional scalpel is not something he wanted exploding in his face, but there was a much scarier fact at work here.

The Doctor had far, far more dangerous friends than Sally or Lorna. If someone less harmless was accidentally pulled through to Trismestigius, things could get ugly, fast.


‘I’m serious, can you please tell me what’s going on here?’ Though trying to keep herself calm, as was apparently appropriate in a kidnapping scenario, Sally was having a hard time keeping her voice level. Her eyes were wide, darting around the room- cell, really- that Mara had, rather forcefully, ushered her into. Mara’s answering grin only made the panic rise higher in her chest.

‘I could, for sure,’ Mara said. ‘But, ooh, I don’t see it improving your mood any. Because, see… You’re really not involved in our little war game, not much, anyway. But, you touched the Doctor, and that makes you a target. Good enough for the Engine, apparently. I guess… Yeah, it must be fate that you’re here, Sally Sparrow.’

Sally opened her mouth to speak, then quickly closed it again. There were simply too many questions she needed to ask, all of them competing for room in her immediate thoughts, but the one fact that had served her in good stead stood tall above them all; don’t talk about the Doctor.

This blonde woman and her strange accomplices weren’t the first people to come calling about the Doctor, not by a long shot. Rumors had dogged her for quite a while, mostly due to Larry’s initial inability to stay quiet about the incident on message boards and the like, and it was only natural, she supposed, that in time her run in with the blue box would garner some unwelcome attention. First there had been someone claiming to be from UNIT, that man in the old timey military coat… Some of her visitors had seemed oddly inhuman, too…

She had learned to lie often, and convincingly about the incident.

But then again, she guessed that these people, whoever they were, weren’t interested in the lies; they had already decided for her. And now, the one with what was possibly the most scarily intense stare Sally had ever seen was directing that stare right at her.

‘Now then, you seem a meek little thing,’ Mara said smoothly, eyes glittering. Her hips swayed as she closed the distance between them, making Sally back away at a rapid pace, ‘I don’t think you’ll give me any trouble, will you, Sally?’

Sally backed away, step by step, until her calves hit the bed and she tripped, landing heavily on the mattress. Mara was right there beside her, sidling up right into her personal space. Sally’s entire body tensed as the blonde’s hand slipped onto her bare thigh, under the hem of her demure brown skirt.

‘What are you doing?’ She squeaked, scrambling away from Mara’s slightly manic smile, eyes wide as, impossibly, the situation seemed to get even worse. Her back hit a wall- unsurprising given that she seemed to be in a cell- and once again Mara shifted position, effectively trapping her in place, against the head of the bed.

‘This is what you’re here for,’ Mara said slyly, slipping her arms around Sally’s neck and drawing her inexorably in, laying her mouth on the Earth woman’s, wrapping her in a solid, iron-strong embrace that kept her from fleeing as she forced her tongue into Sally’s mouth. The younger woman squealed into Mara’s mouth until the blonde pulled away, ‘What? I’m trying to be nice, but if you want I could go rough. Maybe you like that… I’m pretty sure I could make you like it…’

‘I’m not into girls!’ Sally quavered, throwing herself out of Mara’s grip with panicked strength and pressing herself against the wall, desperately. Mara simply smiled, slithering across the bed and bringing her face close to Sally’s, so that her ice blue eyes filled with the kind of slick confidence that Sally herself had always found exceedingly rare; it was clear this was a woman who had seen a great many things that had tested her, and had always come out on top, through any damage they had inflicted upon her. She wasn’t used to not getting what she wanted.

Tough,’ She whispered, clicking her tongue before diving in, trapping Sally against the wall and kissing her again, forcefully, deeply and dominantly. Though she tried to pull away and her heart pounded in her chest, Sally could feel the gleeful passion in Mara’s kiss, a kind of assured, sharp edged confidence and a desire that could be switched on and off like a tap. This was a woman that… knew sex, in ways that Sally couldn’t even comprehend.

Sally wondered just what she had been drawn into. It wasn’t the first time she had thought this since coming here, but she found she was now thinking it with more urgency.

‘I don’t think you’re thinking this through, Sally,’ Mara purred, lips brushing softly against Sally’s, feeling the girl twitch and squirm in her grasp. Her back was pressed against the wall, her legs forced apart so that Mara could be between them, and the simple act of having to splay her thighs and let the other woman sidle up to her left Sally feeling highly vulnerable and open.

‘This is the future,’ Mara continued. ‘The sexy stuff’s gotten way more advanced since your primitive-ass time… We can get you off in some amazing ways,’ She winked suggestively.

‘I’m not going to let you do anything to me!’ Sally exclaimed archly, trying to push Mara away. ‘Much less let you have se-‘

‘No choice, Earth girl,’ Mara shook her head. ‘Command: Silence.’

Sally couldn’t even vocalize her surprise, as her jaw snapped shut, an entirely adequate demonstration of Mara’s power over her. The blonde smirked, running one hand across Sally’s thigh. With a wink, Mara slipped from the bed and pressed her hand to a seemingly random spot on the polished white wall, causing the holographic window projection above the bed to switch off, and a small shelf to slide out, bearing a number of objects whose purpose Sally could only guess at.

‘You see? Future!’ Mara grinned. ‘We’ve got the cool toys to play with, Sally. I don’t even need to get you out of your clothes!’ She thought for a moment, then added with a wink, ‘Yet.

With an expression distinctly like a child in a candy store, Mara eyed the row of devices set into their own depressions on the shelf, running the tips of her fingers over each in turn before making a selection; a large, oblong silver thing that she closed around her fingers. She turned with a grin and pointed the curved edge of the device at Sally, depressing a series of triggers set under her fingers.

‘Behold!’ She said dramatically, as Sally felt the metal of her Collar heat up. Sally gasped, her hands flying between her legs as her thighs clamped shut around them, strange, instantaneous pleasure blooming through her nerves in a matter of seconds. She practically doubled over, trembling as her entire body was seized with an ecstasy akin to a physical force, making her pussy flood and tearing whimpers from her throat.

It only lasted a few seconds, but the sheer sudden power of it had certainly left an impression. She gasped for breath as her eyes shot to Mara, watching the blonde cautiously as she straightened herself out, looking for even a second of warning before that strange device was used on her again.

‘What the hell was that?’ The Earth woman quavered, her body still shaking with the memory of that sparking, artificial pleasure. Mara tapped her fingers lightly over the grip of the device, giggling quietly to herself.

‘Direct nerve stimulation,’ She shrugged. ‘Tied into your Collar. It’s actually pretty fun watching you squirm, although kind of… less satisfying than some other ways I could think of to get you off, but it does prove my point. The future’s a big, wide place, little Sally. You’d better start… stretching to fit.’

‘D-don’t do that to me again,’ Sally quavered, shaking her head. ‘You can’t-‘

‘I can!’ Mara gave a thumbs up with her free hand. ‘See?’

She hit the triggers again, and Sally’s eyes almost rolled back into her head. When she came back down to Earth, she was face to face with Mara, with her skirt hiked up progressively higher by the blonde’s confident hands. She squirmed and tried to push Mara away, but her captor would not be denied.

‘Never fucked a girl before…’ Mara gave a razor edged grin. ‘Yeah, you’re going to be fun, Earth girl.’

‘Please, don’t do this. Reconsider,’ Sally pleaded desperately, pressing herself back against the wall, as far from the strange blonde as she could get. ‘I don’t know why you’re even doing this!’

‘Because you played with the Doctor,’ A voice from the door said. ‘Having fun, Mara?’

‘Hey Hackett,’ Mara turned just long enough to shoot him a languid grin, before returning her mouth to the curve of Sally’s neck, laying in with her teeth, hard enough to make the captive woman squeak. She continued, ‘Why not have a little fun together? I’d like to enlist your, uh, talents…’

Silently, Sander made his way to the bed and slid down beside his girlfriend. Sally felt her heart began to pound ever harder in her chest, as panic rose to fill her mind; Mara alone had been bad enough, what with the continuous assault of new, barely comprehensible information and concepts, but with Sander here, her chances of getting out of this unscathed had worsened considerably. She attempted to pull her knees up to her chest in an attempt to protect herself, but Mara had her ankles in seconds, pulling her legs back down and spread open.

‘What do you want me to do?’ Sander grinned, insinuating himself between Sally’s legs and looking the brunette up and down with a vague, hungry expression. With his Eternity Engine shut down, Sander had found himself alone with his frustration, and was more than willing to indulge Mara, happy for any kind of distraction. That the blonde woman leaned over and, in an apparent fit of hormone induced mania, pressed her tongue down his throat, was merely an unexpected bonus.

‘Hold her down,’ Mara murmured to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. ‘You can watch, if you make yourself useful… And if you’re good, who knows?’

Sander found his smile slipping away as he looked into Mara’s eyes and found something very familiar; that same intense, flickering glimmer that told him he was now in the middle of serious business, and he’d better behave if he knew what was good for him. A chill went down his spine.

Obediently, Sander gathered Sally’s wrists into his tight grip, as she shook her head and tried desperately to pull away. Optimally, she could have fought against Mara alone, excepting the strange influence of the Collar around her neck, but with Sander pulling her down, Sally could do little but struggle fruitlessly, as he dragged her down, out of the corner and onto her back. The dark haired man sat by her head, keeping her hands pinned together above her, as Mara’s fingers slid between her thighs and forced them apart.

Of course, Mara could just as easily have used the Command Collar that ringed Sally’s neck to force her to sit still, a prisoner in her own uncooperative flesh as her captors used her body as they pleased, but that wasn’t her style. Collars were fine for ensuring obedience in the broadest of terms, and for keeping the captives from outright attacking, but there were some things that required the personal touch. As Mara slithered up Sally’s body and pressed her lips to the squirming girl’s, she knew she had made the right decision.

Sander watched, but his ability to enjoy the show being put on by his girlfriend and their new plaything was hampered by one simple fact; he was responsible for this place. As he sat there, as the sounds of Mara’s passion and Sally’s distress swept over him, in the back of his mind he was reviewing what he knew of Sally Sparrow, probing her past for potential risks to him and his team.

Sally Sparrow, who had tangled with the Weeping Angels with no prior knowledge of them, or even of alien existences at all. Sally Sparrow, clever, resourceful, but painfully human. Sally Sparrow, who had met the Doctor only once, and even then only in passing… but had had her life marked forever by even that single meeting.

Sander’s mind caught on that last fact, the concept stalling the clockwork of his thought processes. He dissected it, turned it over and examined it, his eyes widening at the sheer sense of opportunity it represented. Sally was near unique of all the Doctor’s acquaintances; distanced, but affected by him in many small ways. Her entire life bent around the Time Lord’s single appearance therein.

Automatically, he laid a hand on Mara’s shoulder and physically pulled her off of the Earth girl, ignoring her vague, incomplete protests as the blonde attempted to reattach herself to Sally’s lips. He turned her, made her look him in the eye, see the serious glint that cut deep down to the centre of his mind.

‘I want her,’ He said, voice low. ‘I want her, Mara. There’s something I need to show her.’

‘Yeah, I’ll bet,’ Mara said smoothly, running a finger up the inside of Sander’s thigh, up to his crotch. ‘Something very specific to show her, I’m sure.’

‘What? No, stop that,’ His larger hand encircled her wrist, pulled her hand away from his groin. ‘You hold her down. Think about what she is, what she represents: There’s so much I can teach her, so much she can learn…’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘She’s not been programmed, Mara!’ He was grinning now, but it wasn’t a mirthful expression. More like a frown had somehow become reversed, ‘She’s not invested in the fantasy! The Time Lord just skipped through her life and left. No impression… she can be taught!’

‘Nope, still not getting it,’ She shook her head, prying his increasingly tight-gripped fingers off of her wrist. ‘I mean-‘

Hold her down,’ Sander said, with the kind of softly spoken intensity that few people could properly master. ‘Let me show you. Better, let me show her.

Mara had a skill for switching gears in seconds; the mental levels in her head could be traversed with amazing ease. In the space of a moment, the shimmering confidence and directed, dominant energy that Sander had come to call Dark Mara vanished, and was replaced by an amused and gleeful… willingness. Even as Sally tried her hand at struggling once more, Mara’s hands replaced Sander’s as her restraints, her two captors switching places as Sander forced her legs apart.

‘You need to listen carefully, Sally Sparrow,’ Sander tried to keep his voice as smooth as possible, and mostly succeeded, but the old rage was coming back. His mind was filled with dancing shadows and memories of black leather jackets disappearing behind wooden doors painted blue. Of the sound of sonic screwdrivers and the burning, terrible pain of a shard of metal ripping right down to the bones in his shoulder. His teeth gritted, just for a second, ‘You’re in a bad situation, yes, but let me enlighten you as to why.’

He debated with himself about exactly how rough and dramatic he wanted to get. The memories had come upon him again, and he knew that they would stick around for a while, enflaming his mood into a kind of directionless hate that could be channelled one of two ways; violence, or sex. Both options- perhaps even simultaneously- were present in the struggling girl before him now, and it would be the work of but a moment to completely ruin her clothes and leave the kinds of bruises that would dig into her skin like they owned the place. Too easy…

No, that wouldn’t work. He was trying to send a message, to imprint a lesson into the squirming little thing below him, like he had tried to do with Amy. Subtlety wasn’t exactly on the cards here, but he could at least ensure there would be no lasting marks.

‘Who are you people?’ Sally attempted to ask, the question drifting off into a squeal of horror as Sander’s fingers wrapped around the thick material of her sweater and lifted, dragging the thing up over her breasts, revealing a conservative white bra beneath. This single action started her struggling again, eyes widening in fear.

‘I’m Sander, and like you I once met the Doctor,’ He said, palm flat against her chest to keep her pinned down, as Mara kept her wrists crossed over her head. ‘It didn’t go well.’

‘What does that have to do with-…’ Sally whimpered, the words leaving her. ‘Please, please no, don’t do this…’

‘Consider this the heart of your lesson, Sally Sparrow,’ Sander said, pulling down her skirt and underwear in the same movement, even as Mara eagerly pulled one hand away from her task of restraining Sally to undo her bra. ‘Playing with the Doctor does nobody any good. He’s not to be trusted.’

‘He’s not the one kidnapping me!’ Sally snapped, as Sander took a moment to look down at her body. She seemed pretty standard for an Earth girl, from what he could remember from old vintage films, with none of the sleekness or accoutrements that came with modern, genetically superior bodies. There was a touch of softness about her that indicated a relaxed pace to her everyday life, not that it wasn’t appreciated; it gave her curves a fullness that Mara’s lacked. He got the feeling he could sink his teeth into those pert, pink-capped breasts and leave quite a lasting mark.

The woman struggled and twisted, trying to turn her more vulnerable parts away from his gaze, but Mara shifted position and knelt on her hands, keeping the brunette trapped under her full weight. Occasionally she kicked out, but with Sander tucked safely between her legs the blows were misaimed and clumsy, barely worth his attention. Even so, she refused to look at him until he made her, the pads of his fingers playing across the soft skin of her face. He stared down at her, outwardly impassive, but Sally could feel something lurking behind his eyes; vicious intelligence, mixed with the kind of nonspecific frustration and rage that lashed out at vulnerable, naked girls like her.

She shuddered. This wasn’t going to end well.

‘I know,’ Sander said, running a couple of exploratory fingers up between Sally’s legs. ‘I am. And I’m the one doing this to you, too. But it’s no accident that I’m here, with you, tonight. We were both driven here by the same man. Keep that in mind.’

His hands drifted to her hips as Sally gave one last, desperate buck to try and dislodge herself from her captors. Sander’s strength was more than enough to keep her down, and in position as he shifted his weight, awkwardly pulling his pants down and freeing a cock enflamed with the sheer intoxicating power of having to fight for it. But he pushed away any desire he had to put on an expression of enjoyment; in his mind, this wasn’t for him, this was a lesson he was imparting to someone who was very nearly a Doctor-virgin. It wasn’t about his personal enjoyment.

‘But hey,’ Mara cooed, leaning in to dominate Sally’s vision as she gritted her teeth, trying to pull herself away as Sander slipped inside her. ‘If there’s one thing we’re kind of experts on here, it’s gettin’ off. We could show you some amazing stuff…’

Sally arched her neck, twisting her face away from Mara’s, squeezing her eyes shut as Sander started slow, but quickly gained speed and force, rolling his hips, fucking in and out of her seemingly without concern. The humiliation of it all, of being violated, of being the only undressed person in the room was so keenly felt for Sally that she groaned in despair and panic, squirming under her kidnappers.

‘Oh well, fine,’ Mara clucked, pouting. ‘I was just trying to prepare you for what’s to come. It’s gonna be… intense.’

‘Thanks for the warning!’ Sally snapped, eyes welling with tears, filled with injured outrage. Sander speared into her, eyes boring into her from above; if this could be called sex at all, it was like no sex Sally had ever had before. There was no love or affection obviously, but there was also no emotion at all; it was barely even an interaction. Sander didn’t touch her, barely looked at her body at all. He maintained eye contact at all times, and the effect was… unsettling.

And they both talked. It was an odd kind of separation, the almost committed physical disinterest coupled with the near constant back and forth talking.

‘See what I mean?’ Mara purred, hot breath in her ear, after Sander had finished his latest acidic denouncement of the Doctor. ‘We know what works. You’d be better off just going with it… you’ll enjoy it, I promise.’

Sally whimpered, tried to ignore her, but…

Try as she might to deny it, with every last bit of her will devoted to quashing it, her body was reacting. She was being manipulated with almost supernatural skill, like her most sensitive places were merely dials to be turned at her captor’s leisure. It hadn’t taken long for Sander to turn her pussy into a slick, dripping mess; Sally could pretend her wetness was merely a defence mechanism, but the pleasure she felt most certainly wasn’t.

Each of Sander’s thrusts seemed to slice right into her core. There was pain to it, oh yes, but also pleasure at an intensity that truly shocked her; it wasn’t right to be feeling that, surely? It wasn’t right that her toes curled automatically, and that her gasping breaths were becoming more like moans every second. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, her muscles still ached and tightened with the strain of keeping it all in.

Of course, Mara wasn’t making it easy; her fingers effortlessly skated the soft, pliable flesh of her breasts, manipulating her nipples into hard, sensitive nubs. At times she leaned in, back curving, her body filling Sally’s vision so she could use her mouth; tongue and teeth and lips marking her skin with warmth and wetness, each new point of contact tugging at the connection to her pussy. How could this be happening to her?

Behind her back, the curving silver glinted in the artificial light from above, polished and cleaned with loving attention to detail. It sat at the apex of her buttocks, clasped between her fingers, triggers gently depressing the triggers. Mara giggled, watching Sally try to suppress the tautness in her muscles or the wetness between her legs as she played that familiar sex toy expertly, funnelling pleasure into her nerves in waves.

Sally bucked, gritting her teeth as Sander pushed deep into her, making her thighs tremble. She wanted to yell, to scream out and tell these people off, but she knew their response would be… unfavourable. It wouldn’t be so bad but for the constant talking, their words distinct in intent, yet somehow interchangeable, echoing around in her skull through the haze of panic, indignant anger and building, confused lust.

‘Concentrate, Sally,’ Sander growled, grunting with the effort of fucking her. ‘When you play with the Doctor, you get hurt. That’s the way he works, we all just get caught up in his path of ruin.’

And behind her, Mara was whispering, cooing in her ear, ‘I know how it feels, Earth girl… I’ve been there before, in fact. Exactly where you are. Trust me, it’ll feel even better if you’d just let go… Let it come, you know you want to…’

Sally shuddered, braced herself against the clash of sound and sensation, wanting nothing more than to scream, though she was unsure exactly why: Parts of her wanted to vocalize her frustration, bellowing out her outrage at the situation she found herself in to the world, but she couldn’t trust herself not to moan when she did.

But Mara was inspecting her closely, far closer than she was engaging with Sander. She was watching, waiting for the moment when the forced pleasure in her peaked, when Sally would struggle her hardest against it, trying desperately to stop herself tumbling over into orgasm. Mara knew what to look for, and she grinned when she saw it; that strangled look in her eye, the restrained tightness of her muscles, as though if she let go for even a second something would escape. She was losing the fight against her own body, and in that moment she was the most beautiful thing Mara had ever seen.

Only for a moment, though.

Because the moment after, she squeezed, just gently at her nipple, taking the hard little bud between her thumb and forefinger as her other hand pressed down on every trigger on the silver nerve stimulator. The floodgates broke. Sally screamed.

All at once, Mara had turned Sally all the way up to eleven, set every nerve ablaze with ecstasy. Sally’s back arched, a deep red blush spreading over her face and chest as the muscles inside her contracted around Sander’s length. He stopped talking as orgasm took her, his angry lesson replaced by an amused, lopsided smile as he watched her cum.

His own orgasm seemed almost to sneak up on him, the concerns of his own body far away in his mind when compared to the memories that stuck with him, and the lesson he felt he needed to impart. Sally’s cosmic punishment for associating with dangerous elements and worse, saving it.

As Sally moaned and squirmed, Sander’s fingers dug into her hips, a reflexive tightening as he spilled his seed inside of her, the muscles in his hips jerking as his sticky warmth splashed up through her.

He was faster, though; Mara wouldn’t allow Sally to subside until Sander had pulled out of her silently, and the two of them watched her spasm and whine, until eventually the notion caught on. Minutes passed, and in time Sally looked up desperately, pleading with Mara in half formed, breathless sentences and looks for it to stop. The blonde actually laughed as she allowed the Earth native to come down from her peak.

It took Sally a moment or two to even realize that her fingers had fallen asleep.

Sander shifted position, leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes, trying to unwind the muscles in his shoulders enough to properly relax. He knew it was trouble, thinking directly of the Doctor, but time and again the memories returned to him, especially when he looked upon the apprehensive faces of his new guests. In the years that had passed since that first meeting, even the concept of the Doctor had become something tightly wound and terrible; an onslaught of emotions and thoughts, philosophies and moral arguments and beyond it all, rage.

And it was taking him longer to decompress and rid himself of it every time.

‘Well, you certainly took all the fun out of that,’ Mara pouted, placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing in a way she hoped would be interpreted as reassuring. She’d been with him long enough to know when something was up, but also long enough to know when it was okay to give him a hard time about it, ‘If you wanted to lecture, you might have picked teacher rather than kidnapper, Hackett.’

‘Yeah, fine,’ He shook his head, finally opening his eyes for long enough to catch her gaze and smile. No matter how deep he got, she was always the one who could bring him out of it… or at least give him the motivation to pretend. When she kissed him, he felt almost human again, and kissed back with the kind of gusto he felt could almost pass for normal.

‘Could you deal with our new friend?’ He said to her, glancing back at Sally’s panting, sobbing form only momentarily. ‘I feel like I should go and make sure Ren isn’t nailing Lorna to a wall with a strap-on or something like that.’

‘Hey, yeah!’ Mara snapped her fingers. ‘You can’t just usurp the first go like that! Go get her, Hackett. I’ll… have a chat with Sally here. Though I think you wore her out, so I’ll be a little gentle. A bit. Maybe.’

He laughed, but there didn’t seem to be much more to say, especially around unfriendly- and by this point quite tender, surely- ears. With one final kiss, he got up from the bed, straightened up his pants and sauntered out of the cell, outwardly languid but with a mind filled with too many damn problems.

He supposed the Eternity Engine should have been topping that list, but the truth was he was avoiding dealing with it. The situation was as he had feared; Marduk’s assault on his systems and destabilised large parts of the Engine’s delicate software array, and as a result it was right now in the process of building up another charge, without the ability to articulate just who it was aiming at. That was frightening enough, without taking into account its strange ability to capture multiple targets now, which Sander was fairly certain nobody on his team had programmed.

The short answer was that it needed fixing. But it would take time for the Engine to build up the requisite charge, and there was already so much to do, what with Lorna running loose in his home. Sander could dimly recall that she was a soldier for the Church, though he had no way of knowing the level of danger she might represent.

But then, given Ren’s conduct the last time soldiers had been running around in the base, he supposed it didn’t really matter. Maybe this time, with only one target, there might be less blood to clean up.


‘Okay, hold it!’ Ren slammed her palm down on the scanner set into the wall. Lorna was forced to come to a complete stop as the door she was about to escape through slammed closed and locked. ‘Sorry, end of the line, hottie.’

‘Who are you people?’ Lorna turned sharply, clearly ready to fight. She stood her ground against the advancing Ren, fists raised, bouncing on the balls of her feet. ‘What do you want?’

‘Me? Just wanna collar you up, personally,’ She grinned, allowing the glinting curved edge of the collar to poke out from the depths of her pocket momentarily. ‘The rest is Sander’s bag. I’ve got very specific plans… But they can wait. He said no marking the merchandise, so it’d be really nice if you’d just give up, though.’

Lorna’s eyes sparked, ‘Command Collar… So that’s how it is. Who’s backing you? Which military do you work for? I won’t let you take me, not like the others!’

Confusion settled momentarily over Ren’s features, before the decidedly chequered past of the Command Collar technology came back to her. These things had been used in wars, even on Uo. Ren remembered fighting waves of soldiers, familiar faces from her own army decked out in armoured collars; unwilling double agents set against their friends and comrades.

‘Oh yeah, I guess these things mean something else to you…’ She said, grimly. ‘Hey, who are you, anyway? San-chan seems to know who you are, but I don’t remember seeing you in any of the Engine’s registries.’

Lorna stood tall, raising her chin, ‘Private Lorna Bucket, seventh regiment, Anglican marines. I fight for the Church, and if you think you can take me on, you’re sorely mistaken, Half or no. I won’t be as easy as that poor other girl.’

‘Oh…’ Ren breathed, grin growing wider. ‘Oh, this is going to be fun…

‘Now you,’ By now, Ren and Lorna were circling each other, Ren in a predatory, aggressive manner, Lorna in a more defensive, careful one. ‘Identify yourself.’

Something tugged at Ren’s mind, compelled her to respond in a way she hadn’t had to for years, ‘Captain Ren Syfte, Uo Capital military, Shikishima detachment special forces. And I’m real glad to see another military gal around. Haven’t had a good brawl in a while…’

Can I play with her, Ren? Please?’ Shichi’s voice rose in her mind, but she tamped it down with the slightest shake of her head.

‘No,’ She thought. ‘No, I wanna deal with this one myself. Yeah.’

Ren’s heart raced, her fingers twitched and curled into fists, before she raised them into a practiced boxer’s stance. She moved with light grace, each step carefully measured, fluid and strong. She barely even had to think about it anymore, her training had taken over so completely; stay compact, dodge from the central body mass, keep light on your feet… And know where to strike.

To her great pleasure, Lorna’s form was nicely matched to her own; it was clear that the Church had done more than just give her attractively tight camo pants and an olive shirt. Ren would have been happy just to get her hands on the soldier’s lovely curves, but the thought of actually getting a decent fight along with it was truly exciting.

She could hear the newcomer talking to herself in a hushed voice, the words flowing and almost lyrical. It took Ren a moment to identify it, but there was only one language- that a human being could speak, anyway- that sounded like that.

‘You a Gamma gal, soldier?’ Ren smiled, she couldn’t help herself. She began wondering just how orthodox she was; they may have hit the jackpot. At least… that would be the goddamn pervert outlook that Ren subscribed to.

‘I am from the Gamma forests, yes,’ Lorna eyed her opponent distastefully, stepping in to attempt the first blow while it was unexpected. Ren stepped away casually, as though it meant nothing.

‘I thought that was a prayer, yeah,’ Ren laughed, catching Lorna’s next punch and throwing it back, rebuffing her with a few vague, unformed shots of her own. ‘That’s good, you know? I like ‘em religious. Fun.

They circled in silence for a few moments longer, inspecting each other, trying to figure the other out. Under her breath, that same flow of silvery, rounded syllables as Lorna prayed, muscles tensing in preparation for the next attack; the motion would have been almost imperceptible to the layperson, but to a seasoned veteran like Ren, it was all to visible. When the next punch came, she was prepared for it.

‘Oh no, you’ll have to do better than that!’ Ren gasped in shock as Lorna laughed her down, laying in with a second punch that slammed into the Half’s chin, sending her stumbling back. Ren’s eyes flickered dangerously, cheeks burning red. Pain pulsed along her jawline, and she frowned; this wasn’t something she was used to. It had been quite a while since she had even been afforded the opportunity to fight bare-fisted, let alone been in a fight where her opponent had been able to land a blow on her.

‘Weren’t you awfully cocky a moment ago?’ Lorna smiled slightly, and it was like everything she did was suddenly an insult to Ren. The Half’s attention became solely focused on beating down the woman in front of her.  Anger flowed through her, helped along by memories of Walker and everything she had failed to achieve there. She attacked.

The two women traded blows, nearly silent but for the rushed exhalations that accompanied each attack. Shockingly, Lorna proved to be at least Ren’s equal, pushing back at the former soldier with as much vigour and prowess as she could. Mitigating factors swarmed through Ren’s mind, not the least of which was that she had opted for a form of combat that she herself hadn’t used for many years. Still, each new blow that landed past her defences increased the hot, frustrated anger that coursed through her, and her own attacks became increasingly fervent.

‘I’ve never been to Uo,’ Lorna said, grunting as she pushed Ren back. ‘I didn’t know they were “recruiting” new soldiers… But I suppose I can see why they would, if you’re the quality of their captains.’

Ren snarled at that, throwing herself at Lorna, putting her weight behind it so that the two women slammed into the nearest wall, Ren’s arm at Lorna’s throat. She leaned in, face to face with the other girl, ‘I’m not working with the Uo military on this.’ She broke into a wide grin, before leaning in and pressing her lips to Lorna’s in an invasive kiss. The other girl’s eyes went wide, and she moaned in surprise as Ren’s tongue worked its way into her mouth.

When Ren broke away, her steps were light, dancing across the floor as she stepped safely out of Lorna’s range of attack, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand. She laughed hotly, ‘Yeah, you do taste good, I’ll give you that.’

She looked into Lorna’s wide, shocked eyes, as the newcomer began weighing up this new information. If she had to hazard a guess, Ren would have pegged Lorna as the type to assume there was some greater motivation behind it all, that at the very least this was a kind of psychological warfare against her. Well… Sander might have some greater purpose, but personally, Ren would simply enjoy proving Lorna wrong, as quickly, and in as dramatic a way as she possibly could.

‘I’m beginning to get the feeling that I’m rather in over my head with you people,’ Lorna said gravely, throwing herself back into the fray with a vicious kick that Ren had to throw up both hands just to block. ‘Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you down, no matter the training you have. Were you really a Captain?’

‘Stop that,’ Ren growled. ‘Don’t insult a girl’s military career, Private. It’s not something she’ll react well to, and you don’t want her reacting badly. Because… Well, you wanna know the difference between the way the Church trains you and the way Uo trains you?’

She launched herself forward, hooking a foot in behind Lorna’s heel and pulling, sending her off balance enough that it was a matter of moments for Ren to pull her in, gripping the cloth of her shirt tightly in one fist and keeping her upright with it. Before the other girl could react, she lifted, pulling her shirt up over her breasts, revealing them to the cool night air. Ren held her there for a moment, inspecting the soft, supple flesh with a look of true appreciation as her suddenly bare nipples hardened in the artificially cool air.

‘Uo trains you to fight dirty,’ She said softly, adding silently that, completely coincidentally, it had been Jae that had taught her that move in a highly impromptu- not to mention surprising- way. That had been a sparring match that had quickly devolved into something far more passionate and… sticky. Good day.

The memory made her smile despite herself, as she pulled away from Lorna, giving herself the distance she needed to stay safe and ogle in equal measure. Very quickly, her head tilted to one side, eyebrows cocking; rather than the expected blush and the rush to cover herself, Lorna remained fixated on Ren, fighting stance maintained, chest bobbing in time with her breathing. Ren made no effort to hide the fact that she was staring, but the Gamma native seemed quite happy to allow Ren her perve, as if covering up would break her concentration. Not that Ren minded; Lorna looked… nice, like that.

Then she remembered.

‘Oh, right,’ She said, a little deflated. ‘Gamma girl. Your people are the tree freaks and hippies, aren’t you? You just sort of run around like that.’

Mission accomplished. Victory. Lorna’s face shifted, anger written across her features. She hunched in, weight shifting onto her back foot; a classic offensive posture, ‘We are not “tree freaks,” Half. We just live in the forests, is all. But then, I don’t suppose someone from Uo would know the difference, what with your entire planet tearing itself apart over a bloody emperor.’

She threw a punch, aiming for Ren’s stomach. Laughing, Ren danced away from the blow, watching Lorna, unbalanced after having thrown her entire weight behind the punch, stumble, ‘I’m not even from Uo!’ She giggled. ‘I’m Vesperian.

‘Ooh, even worse!’ Lorna spun, pulling her momentum into a backhanded swinging blow that Ren, lightning quick and with practiced ease, caught and pulled the Gamma native into a tight bear hug. With a sharp edged grin, one of Ren’s hands moved up to cup one of Lorna’s breasts, as the other retrieved the Command Collar from her pocket and slid it around her throat.

But she wasn’t done: Her foot swept out, catching Lorna’s legs and throwing her to one side with all her strength, as the arms that had previously encircled her began pitching her sideways too. Ren had always been abnormally strong, and this was on clear display now; for several seconds, Lorna was airborne and spinning. She landed with a heavy thud.

‘Damn right!’ Ren growled, performing a complex series of obscene gestures at the prone, panting Lorna. ‘Uo special forces, bitch! How d’you like it?’

She allowed herself to gloat for several seconds more as Lorna recovered. She didn’t even notice the door she had originally come had opened, and then closed again.

‘Was she just badmouthing Vesperia?’

‘Oh,’ Ren blinked, smile fading. ‘Sander. Did you see that? What I just did? That was cool. Fuck yeah, it was cool.’

Sander ignored his friend as she bounced from foot to foot, suddenly all energy. He stared down at Lorna- at a certain exposed area in particular- as she gingerly pulled herself upright. He raised a finger as her muscles tensed, sensing impending violence, ‘Ah, no. Command: You may not harm myself or anyone on my crew, Lorna. Nor can you remove, or attempt to have your Collar removed. Also? You’re not allowed to badmouth Vesperia, that’s not cool.’

‘Sander, you rip on Vesperia more than any of us,’ Ren pointed.

‘Yeah, but I’m allowed to.’


‘Did the entire planet rise up in rebellion and try to kill you?’ Sander said flatly. He tried to remain upbeat, but his hand unconsciously went to his shoulder, rubbing at the thick mass of scar tissue to be found there. It still twinged occasionally, and if he put too much weight on it, he could still feel the dull, deep in the bone throb in his cybernetic bones. He may have left Vesperia, but Vesperia had never left him.

Lorna gasped, and Sander tensed.

‘I knew I recognised you from somewhere!’ She exclaimed, eyes wide. ‘I’ve seen you before! In the history archives! You’re him! Sander Hackett-‘

‘Command: Shut up,’ Sander said sharply. ‘Ren, let’s get her to a cell. I sure would like to hear about all this, but only on my terms. ‘

He rolled his shoulders, feeling that old familiar twinge run through it. A history lesson wasn’t exactly what he wanted right this second, but he couldn’t deny a certain perverse curiosity at what, precisely, this newcomer thought she knew about him.

‘I think it’s time for a little interrogation,’ He said, stopping as Ren yawned, loudly and conspicuously. He blinked, looked out and noticed the darkness slowly giving was to the morning light for the first time. ‘Okay, point taken, Ren. Maybe in the morning…’

He tried to remember the last time he’d gotten a full night’s sleep, but found himself yawning himself. There was still a lot to do, but it could wait for a few hours. Six or seven, at least.