Hello, humans! This is the first post, the introduction if you will, to the blog of Kurokami the author-man, the Medusa Cascade. Some of you may have spotted the Doctor Who reference all up in the title. Well, that’s important. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I feel a little weird even writing this, because there’s no guarantee that anyone will ever see it. Effectively, I’m talking to a potential audience. Schrodinger’s Audience, I suppose. It feels brash to assume a readership this early, but here goes: What’s this blog about, you may (or may not, it’s sort of a quantum thing) be asking yourself. In short, it’s about me, but in a larger sense, it’s about stuff. Different stuff. Nerdy stuff. And yes, erotic stuff. So kids, go to bed already.

I am a writer, or I like to fancy myself as one, and effectively this will be the place for me to show off my work exclusively. Y’all can already see it up on Literotica, but here is where I’ll be posting new and improved versions of the old stuff, as well as the new stuff a little earlier than it’d go up there. I hope my porny little chicken scratchings can find a new audience here but… we’ll see.

What am I currently working on? The sweeping epic that is Doctor Who: Panic Moon. Yes, good old pornographic fanfiction, already into its second season out on Lit. But I’ll be posting editted and reworked versions of the first series, Doctor Who: Amy, Captured here before I get to that. Shouldn’t take too long. Just a warning, humans: this story is fucking explicit right from the get go, so if you’re offended by salty language, BDSM, nonconsensual sex and things of that nature, you’d best flee before I offend you. And if you stay, get offended and then complain to me about it? Fuck you.

Well, that’s me, theoretical readers! Kurokami, the young man with the heart of a perverse nerd. I’m on the internet now, so I’ll probably have a lot of company in that, huh? I kid, audience! I kid because I care! And your misery tastes delicious.

Hopefully I’ll see you around, purely hypothetical dream-audience!

Kurokami, signing out!